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World is committed to making participation in the event a harassment free experience for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression

9:00 AM Business Class

Systems for Business Sustainance

If you have been designed to build business long-term, then you want to learn how to not just survive but thrive in business while engaging available systems of operations for the unique product/service you have been called to design.


Uzo Anekwe


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

10.00 AM Future Masterclass

The Church, Metaverse & Digital Money

Jason has taught at our summit every year since its inception and his session always show the reality of the future of the Church holistically and digitally.

Catch Adesewa and Jason as they share on the current digital revolution of our time, how the Church can leverage it and what Creators must begin to do to harness their gifts and callings systematically for legacy influence.


Jason Caston


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

10:30 AM LifeClass with BMM

Pioneering Systems

Everything about this summit is going to cause you to shift into new ways of operating and functioning in purpose for God's glory.

This LifeClass session with BMM is for leaders who are willing to step into new wells and do the uncommon for the birthing of the miraculous.

Whether it is understanding the standard or establishing systems of operations for your work, this LifeClass will be the FORCE TO TAKE OVER THIS FUTURE as SENT ONES.

Don't miss this for anything.


Bidemi Mark-Mordi


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

9.00 AM Masterclass

Consistency Counts!

Have you ever heard of the term, back-end and front-end consistency? Learn how to make your consistency produce progress and profit for you in your work.


Dr. Samuel Ekundayo

10.00 AM Workshop

Make Your Systems Work Now!

There are 8 major pillars of systems every ministry must build. Chances are you are missing 1-3 out of them. You can't afford to miss out on possibilities of increase because you have gaps. Fill these gaps. Get wisdom and begin to see wholesome progress.


Praise Gbenedio

10.30 AM Courage Panel

Functioning in Obscurity, Visibility & Abundance

We've called this virtual panel the COURAGE SEAT.

If you are a business owner, make sure you join this session çause you'll be learning how to create a spirit-led sales system.

This panel session is a potpourri of emotions because we'll be driving conversations around seasons of obscurity and the idea of becoming visible as a minister. How do you make your brand known without losing yourself? What standards and trends should you pay attention to?

This session is a VIBE!


Althea McIntyre


Dr Vicki Otaruyina


'Tasha Chirwa-Gama

4.00 PM Opening

State of Innovation Address

Get universal knowledge on the reality of technology and how you as a minister and ministry position for relevance. As technology rapidly evolves, those who are not getting the right knowledge will be left behind. Lock the dates. Don't miss this session.


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

4.30 PM Masterclass

Worship & Workflows

You are not Omnipresent, and that will always show in the quality of your work, unless you join this session.

Stereotypes are no longer working and disorderliness will become even more exposed as more people engage in ministry online. Seth Muse will be showing us what creating workflows look like and how to make them happen for online ministry effectiveness.

If you have to work all the time, not knowing how to automate your processes and connect with more participants through passive mechanism, this session is for you.


Seth Muse

5:15 PM Workshop

Creator Cultures

If you create content online, don't miss this panel session.

We'll be talking about topical issues ranging from; the sources of creativity, how to sustain sanity and doing what has never been done before. If you know our discussants very well, you know they are not to be missed.

We are hoping to see you engage in these sessions.


Oyetomi Adisa


Dami Oluwatoyinbo


Laju Iren

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