Dr. Samuel Ekundayo

The Purpose Preacher

Dr Samuel Ekundayo is a Senior Lecturer, author, life coach, preacher, and transformational speaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Often referred to as 'The Purpose Preacher', his mandate is to help people discover their purpose, so that they can maximise their potentials towards a fulfilled, influential, and impactful life to the glory of God.


He is a certified speaker, coach, teacher and trainer with the prestigious John Maxwell Team having successfully completed the certification programme. He is proficient and adept at providing training and coaching to individuals, churches and corporate organisations with proven, tested and effective programmes and resources.


As an internationally sought-after speaker, he has been privileged to consult for corporate organisations, as well as speak on various platforms including churches, independently organised conferences and events all over the world.


In 2019, he gave a TEDx Talk on 'Purpose, the ultimate cure to suicide', an inspirational talk that has changed lives and helped many discover their life's purpose.

He is the president and founder of School of Purpose and Influence (SPIN), an institution with a vision to raise men and women for transgenerational influence and impact worldwide. He is also the founder of Motivitality, a weekly motivational video series on social media with the vision of helping men and women find their purpose and maximise their potentials, reaching thousands of people weekly with over 300,000 views and counting.

He is also the convener of Transgenerational Influence Conference, a conference that gathers thousands of people yearly for unforgettable encounters leading them from mystery to mastery of their lives and purpose for Kingdom Influence.


He has authored six books including ‘Arise and Succeed: Becoming the Champion you are’, ‘FIRED UP: The ultimate guide to focus and consistency in every endeavour’, ’30 Reasons to Stay: Say no to suicide and give life another try’, ‘THE WORLD NEEDS YOU: Life-changing secrets to becoming a person of value’,  ‘PURPOSE IN CRISIS: Uncommon secrets to finding and fulfilling purpose in times of adversity’ and ‘YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE MULTI-TALENTED: Proven and Effective Strategies to Maximising Your Gifts and Potentials As a Multipotentialite, all of which can be found in major bookstores online.


He is married to a woman he calls his Treasure - Blessing Ekundayo - and they are blessed with two boys, to the glory of God.


More about him on his website: SamuelEkundayo.com

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