AltMedia & Communications Ltd is one of Africa’s first socio-kingdom enterprise, providing visibility solutions for Churches, Ministries, faith-based organizations and nonprofits so they can maximize their influence and impact in an ever-evolving world. Our mandate is simple – teach Ministry Leaders, Christian Creative and Entrepreneurs, and arm them with the requisite resources to take on the Media Mountain through digital technology.

We have consistently provided our clients with pathways for influence, impact and income through the work we do.

Formerly known as Corporate Church Conference, the Global Church Summit is Africa’s biggest creative media communications and marketing conference for Churches, Ministries and Faith-Based ventures. Our working structure and strategy is to equip Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Christian Business Executives and Christian Creatives with proven principles, pathways and presentations that enable them maximise their impact and influence using digital media and technology.


Providing structures and frameworks that help faith-focused ventures multiply their message through innovative media and communication tools, technologies and tips .


To become Africa’s most reliable and innovative resource hub for faith-based influencing.