Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

Founder, Corporate Church Comms

Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro will be delivering the State of Innovation Address to give an overview of the reality of innovation; where it is and where we are going with it and how this is the time of the Church to DOMINATE.

9:00 AM Business Class

Tuesday 9th August

Systems for Business Sustainance

If you have been designed to build business long-term, then you want to learn how to not just survive but thrive in business while engaging available systems of operations for the unique product/service you have been called to design.

10.00 AM Future Masterclass

Tuesday 9th August

The Church, Metaverse & Digital Money

Jason has taught at our summit every year since its inception and his session always show the reality of the future of the Church holistically and digitally.

Catch Adesewa and Jason as they share on the current digital revolution of our time, how the Church can leverage it and what Creators must begin to do to harness their gifts and callings systematically for legacy influence.

10:30 AM LifeClass with BMM

Tuesday 9th August

Pioneering Systems

Everything about this summit is going to cause you to shift into new ways of operating and functioning in purpose for God's glory.

This LifeClass session with BMM is for leaders who are willing to step into new wells and do the uncommon for the birthing of the miraculous.

Whether it is understanding the standard or establishing systems of operations for your work, this LifeClass will be the FORCE TO TAKE OVER THIS FUTURE as SENT ONES.

Don't miss this for anything.

11.30 AM Intercession & Interventions

Tuesday 9th August

Intercession & Interventions

Find out all you need to know about stabling your structure as a ministry online.

11.30 AM Workshop

Monday 8th August

Intercession & Interventions

You already know! Here we talk and pray. This is where we soak in and see farther into all that has been spoken. The end is always far better than the beginning. Don't phase out before you should. See ya!

4.00 PM Opening

Sunday 7th August

State of Innovation Address

Get universal knowledge on the reality of technology and how you as a minister and ministry position for relevance. As technology rapidly evolves, those who are not getting the right knowledge will be left behind. Lock the dates. Don't miss this session.

6.30 PM

Sunday 7th August


While we recap the sessions for the day, we'll show you the tools and technology available for you to implement all you have learned. This will be the revealing and practical zone of the day's session. Don't miss it for anything!

Hope to see you there!